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Why Trust Us As Your Pet's Veterinarian


Pets are our passion, and keeping them healthy is our number one priority. We strive to deliver excellent care for pets—because your pet deserves nothing less.

We pursue accreditations and certifications based on high-quality standards encompassing all aspects of veterinary medicine—from pain management and patient care to team training and medical recordkeeping. We also understand the importance of the vital role the human-animal bond plays in the health and wellbeing of people, pets, and communities.

A cat on a visit to a veterinarian hospital

AAHA Accreditation

The provision of superior care for pets and their owners is centered around AAHA-accredited veterinary practices. These practices are exclusively certified by AAHA, the only organization that accredits veterinary facilities in the US and Canada. The rigorous AAHA evaluation process covers all aspects of veterinary medicine, including patient care, pain management, medical recordkeeping, and team training, and is updated regularly to ensure that accredited practice teams remain at the forefront of the profession.

Currently, only about 15% of veterinary practices in the US and Canada hold the “AAHA-accredited” designation, which is a voluntary recognition of excellence. Why have nearly 5,000 practices chosen to meet AAHA’s high standards? The answer is simple: they want to provide the best possible care for their patients and clients.

Happy dog on visit to a veterinarian hospital
Small kitty visiting a veterinarian

AAHA accreditation is a strong indicator that a veterinary practice offers quality medicine, which benefits clients, patients, and team members, and raises the bar for the entire veterinary profession.

AAHA standards cover nearly 50 mandatory and applicable areas, including patient care, facility, services, and clinical protocols. Developed by experts in the field, these standards ensure that major surgeries are only performed by licensed veterinarians in dedicated surgical suites, and that surgery suites are single-purpose and enclosed. All accredited practices must meet mandatory standards in areas such as anesthesia, dentistry, emergency and critical care, human resources, laboratory, medical records, pain management, patient care, pharmacy, and surgery.

Carrie with her cat

Human-Animal Bond Certification

As veterinary professionals, we feel an obligation to support and improve the human-animal bond. Our hospital is Human-Animal Bond Certified, allowing us to continue to improve the health and wellbeing of both pets and their people. 

Pets are more than our companions. Science demonstrates that the health benefits of the human-animal bond can have a positive impact on every stage in life. Pet ownership can help keep you healthy and improve your quality of life as you age.

Owning a pet can increase your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. By taking care of your pet’s health, you are also taking care of your own. Studies have shown a reduction in risk for heart attack, feelings of loneliness, and stress in pet owners compared to non-pet owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about the human-animal bond, contact us or check out the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association icon

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

We are proud to be a member in good standing with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association icon

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

We are proud to be a member in good standing with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine icon

Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine

As a member of the CAVCM, our veterinarian is informed about the fair access and education of medical cannabis for pets.

Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) icon

Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER)

Our hospital is certified through RECOVER CPR training to be prepared for emergency and urgent care cases.