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February is
Oral Health 

Dental disease is the most common disease that we see in pets. Unlike humans, pets do not commonly get cavities but instead will develop an infection, which is a painful health risk to your furry friend. Is your pet overdue for a dental exam? Ensure your pet is living pain-free. Book their appointment to receive our special Oral Health Month Promotions. 

Oral Health Month Promotions

Teeth cleaning, including scale & polish and full mouth dental x-rays, are essential to address any current dental issues and optimally help prevent further disease progression. Contact us now to learn more about our teeth cleaning promotion.

Teeth Cleaning




Healthymouth for dogs, cats, and ferrets is added to drinking water to naturally reduce plaque, reduce oral bacteria and freshen breath. Contact us now to learn more about our Healthmouth promotion. 

Before & Afters

Common Signs of Dental Disease

Did you know that your pet's breath shouldn't smell?! Normal dog, cat, and ferret breath has little to no odor. Here are common signs of dental disease to look out for: 

- Red, swollen, and possibly bleeding gums (more frequently along the cheek teeth, not the front teeth)
- Brown, grey, or black tartar on the teeth
- Bad breath
- Hesitation to eat hard food or treats
- Loose teeth or teeth falling out

Left untreated, dental disease can lead to heart, kidney, and liver disease. Bacteria can cause infection of the bones in the mouth, leading to jaw fractures.

Protect your pet from dental pain. Book their appointment today!

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