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Emergency Veterinary Services in Calgary, AB

Emergencies happen when we don’t expect them. That’s why our team are trained to see urgent care cases during our regular hours. If you feel that your pet is in need of emergency treatment, call or come to our hospital immediately. 

We are dedicated to serving a diverse community of animal lovers and their beloved pets. We understand that your pet companion may experience sudden and severe changes in their health, and we are here to provide immediate and comprehensive emergency care when you need it most.

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When to Seek Emergency Care

If you feel that your pet’s medical condition cannot wait, seek emergency care immediately. Here are some general signs to help you determine if your pet requires emergency care:

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Know Your Pet

Here are some helpful articles, pet medication information and other health topics relevant to you and your pet.

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What To Do If You Find A Lost Pet

As someone who cares about animals, you can imagine how distressing it is to be separated from a beloved pet. Not only is it a stressful time for the owner but a terrifying and dangerous time for the pet. There are vehicles, predators and no food, water or shelter from the elements.

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Is Your Pet in Pain? What to Look For and More

Yes that’s right, animals such as dogs, cats, and ferrets can feel pain. And unlike humans, pets can’t tell us if they’re in pain. Some common reasons why they may feel pain can be associated with things like osteoarthritis, bone disease, infection, cancer, dental issues, skin or ear issues, post surgery pain, liver or kidney disease and gastrointestinal problems. The first step to identifying pain, is knowing what to look for.

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