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We care about our team

Our Team

At Healthy Paws Forward Veterinary Hospital, we believe that a positive work environment for our team translates to exceptional care for your pets. We prioritize creating a supportive and collaborative workplace culture that allows our veterinarians to deliver the highest standard of care.

By getting to know us, you will see how our passion for pets extends beyond our technical skills. We take pride in building relationships with our patients and their owners, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone.

So, let us get to know each other – we would love the opportunity to show you why our veterinary hospital is the best choice for your pets.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Shelby Kimura with ferrets in her hands

Dr. Shelby Kimura

BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, MS (Veterinary Forensic Science)


Dr. Shelby Kimura graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology and a minor in Psychology. After graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Shelby Kimura, a native Calgarian, returned to Calgary to practice as a veterinarian at a 24-hour small animal practice; she owned and worked at a busy 24-hour primary care and emergency practice until late 2018.

Dr. Jan Hen-Boisen, BSc, BVSc

Dr. Jan Hen-Boisen



Dr. Jan began her career teaching high school Biology and Math. She spent her afternoons assisting the State Veterinarian and discovered her love for animals and veterinary medicine. Dr. Jan pursued her newfound passion in South Africa at the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and graduated in 1993. While raising her son Thomas, Dr. Jan ran a veterinary house call practice serving the Canmore, Banff, and Calgary area.

She is now a full-time member of the Healthy Paws Forward Veterinary Hospital team and shares her life with a hairless Chihuahua named Elsie whom she adopted from the Calgary Humane Society. She has a special interest in therapeutic laser therapy, which is a treatment option focused on relieving pain and stimulating healing by applying a laser to the body’s surface. Dr. Jan is a firm believer that most behavior problems can be corrected by using exercise, discipline, and affection, and delights in being able to assist owners with the fears and phobias of their pets.

Sabina P, BSc

Sabina P


Veterinary Assistant

Sabina knew her future would comprise of two things: animals and medicine. When she was younger, Sabina aspired to be a human doctor but quickly learned that animals are her passion. During high school, she volunteered at a local SPCA and offered her services as a dog walker and pet sitter in her community. Soon after, she engaged in dog training and volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Sabina earned her university degree in Animal Sciences with a particular interest in behaviour and conservation. While at university, she did a co-op work term at a busy emergency veterinary hospital, and it was there that she fell in love with animal medicine. Today she enjoys volunteering with many rescues, working with various universities on wildlife conservation projects, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership and stewardship. She is passionate about improving the lives of all animals, big and small, wild and companion. 

Amal B.

Amal B.

Veterinary Technical Assistant

Being surrounded by animals for her entire life, Amal discovered her passion for animal medicine from volunteering at animal shelters, zoos, and her connection with her own pets at home.  She has become invested in animal welfare and conservation, and now hopes to expand her knowledge in animal health as she has a strong interest in small animal medicine. Amal is currently pursuing a degree in Zoology and is hoping to follow her dreams by applying to the veterinary program at the University of Calgary. In her free time, Amal finds herself spending time with her parrot, Loki, while playing video games or drawing, and treating her two spoiled cats, Dante and Zuko, like royalty.

Stacy S

Stacy S

Veterinary Technical Assistant

Stacy grew up in Ontario and has only recently moved to Alberta. Her passion for all animals, large and small, led her to a career in the veterinary industry. She has worked in small animal practices and managed large equine farms. At the hospital, she enjoys expanding her knowledge on rehabilitation through the use of photobiomodulation. She loves spending time with her daughter and athletic dog named Xena. Stacy hopes to one day compete with Xena in agility!

Caitlin K.

Caitlin K.

Veterinary Student

Ever since she was a kid, Caitlin has felt at home around animals. Starting at the age of eight, she discovered her love for animals while assisting her mom with her work at the MEOW Foundation. Not soon after, Caitlin adopted her first cat, Loki, and is on her way to becoming a foster fail by adopting her foster dog, Karen. Caitlin is an advocate for animal rights and supports anti-breed specific legislation or BSL.

Caitlin started as a volunteer at Healthy Paws Forward Veterinary Hospital and was ecstatic to join the team soon after. She is currently enrolled in the veterinary program at the University of Calgary.

Caitlin enjoys spending her free time volunteering at Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society and going for walks with her foster dog. She also loves to spend hours in the gym, reading, playing guitar, and trying to keep her many plants alive.

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